We begin accepting reservations on January 2nd of the current year.


Reservations should only be made for the days you are sure to be staying, we will record your request and expect you to pay for the days you have requested. We guarantee the type of lodging requested, but not a specific number although we try to honor requests.


There is a two night minimum on all reservations (three night minimum on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day weekends.) We require reservations of six nights or more during the week of the spring Big Bass Splash Tournament. Please have your credit card ready, we accept Visa and MasterCard ONLY. You must be 21 or older in order to make a reservation.

Snowbird Pricing: During the off-season (Nov-Feb) a discount rate of about 50% off regular pricing is applied for a 30-day minimum stay. This rate is also exempt from state and county lodging taxes of 13%.

Advance Deposits

All reservations require an advance deposit. Reservation requests must be secured with a credit card which will be charged for the deposit amount. While it is subtracted from the total amount due, the deposit doesn't pay for the first night. The deposit holds the reservation until Noon of the day following the designated arrival date. Cancellation fees apply.

Check-in is from 10 AM to 10 PM. Occupancy readiness is guaranteed by 4 PM

Only the person named on the reservation may check in. Please have your driver's license and vehicle license numbers with you. The balance in full is due at check in. You are welcome to arrive early; upon your arrival, please register and pay your balance. Once registration has been completed, you will be presented the key to your lodging unit, pass to the resort, and resort layout map as necessary. If your designated lodging unit is not ready, we will give you a complimentary pass allowing you to enjoy the public areas of the Resort, until your assigned Lodging Unit or RV Site is ready for your occupancy. Your assigned Lodging Unit or RV Site is guaranteed ready for your occupancy by 4 PM on the day of your scheduled arrival. Checkout is 12 PM your last day. After you vacate your Lodging Unit / RV Site of all belongings and vehicles, please turn in your keys to the office or security gate dropbox. You are welcome to continue using the Day Use areas of the Resort until 10 PM.


Cancellation results in a $30 minimum fee if the cancellation is made at least 10 days prior to the arrival date. Cancellation fees apply for CHANGES IN the reservation as well as for canceling entirely.


Cancellation less than 10 full days of the arrival date results in FORFEITURE of the deposit. Reservations may not be "moved" to another date to avoid cancellation fees.


Your reservation will be held only until 12 noon after your scheduled arrival date. If you do not cancel the reservation 10 days or more prior your declared arrival date, and you do not arrive as scheduled, you WILL FORFEIT THE ENTIRE DEPOSIT.


Registered guests or their visitors who violate Resort Rules and Regulations may be refused service and may forfeit paid fees.


WE DO NOT RENT LODGING UNITS OR RV SITES FOR PARTIES OR SOCIAL EVENTS. All group gatherings, family reunions, or other multi-family gatherings must congregate at the pavilions or day guest area.


This Resort's Goal is to provide our guests with a clean, safe, and fun atmosphere for outdoor family enjoyment. We take pride in our reputation as a "Family Resort"; therefore, all actions and language within the land or water areas of this Resort must be suitable for viewing and/or hearing by young children.  Minor's are the responsibility of the parent or guardian and must be supervised at all areas in the Resort. Sam Rayburn Marina Resort is a private resort with an admission fee for entry. Please do not announce any activity at Sam Rayburn Marina Resort, large or small, highly or loosely organized, until you have read our limitations on group use, and made proper arrangements with our Office. Our location is remote, we recommend you bring flashlights and/or battery operated lanterns (NO CANDLES) in case of power outages ( normally 3 to 5 hours ) due to storms.


A.... All lodging is intended for one family unit of parents and their minor children. We do not have accommodations for indoor parties or social gatherings. Group gatherings, multi-family meals, etc. and/or any activity involving non-registered guests must use a pavilion or the day use area rather than congregating in or around the lodging units. Furniture is not to be removed from the lodging unit or porches.

B.... Each lodging unit / site must be registered in the name of a responsible adult who will actually occupy it. Persons under 21 may not rent lodging units nor occupy them without an older adult present during the entire visit.

C.... One price will be charged whether one person or the maximum number of persons; maximums are firm and require sharing beds (we do not provide cots or roll-away beds). The count must include all children (even toddlers). Tents or outside shelters are not permitted, nor may persons sleep in vehicles in the parking areas.

D.... PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE RESORT. Pets seen or found in lodging units will cause eviction of guests from the Resort.

E.... SMOKING AND FISHING CLEANING IS NOT PERMITTED in the Resort buildings or lodging units. Smoking is permitted on the covered decks and porches. A fish cleaning station is provided near the office.

Violations of D and E will result in a $200.00 sanitizing fee and will be charged to the responsible guest.

F.... All lodging units are cleaned by housekeeping methods - maid service is not provided. Towels may be exchanged at the Resort Office/Store during regular open hours.

G.... All outside personal cooking units and fires must be on ground level rather than on a porch/deck. Large grills or cooking units may be used only adjacent to the pavilions or day use areas. We recommend that a pavilion be reserved to guarantee availability.


A ... Each RV site is intended for one family of two parents and their minor children. Each site must be registered in the name of a responsible, occupying adult.

B.... Persons under 21 may not rent RV sites nor occupy them without an older adult present during the entire stay. Minor children shall always be supervised in the  Resort.

C.... The RV site rate includes 4 persons; extra person(s) pay the day guest fee(s).

D.... Pop-ups, vans, pickup campers, shells, and any other vehicle used for sleeping purposes will be considered an RV. All persons in the party must sleep inside the RV.

E.... NO TENTS OR OUTSIDE SHELTERS other than RV awnings are permitted. In order to protect underground lines, all awnings must be erected without the use of stakes. Free standing canopies are also permitted without the use of stakes.

F....Waste water (including water from showers and sinks) must be retained in holding tanks or discharged into sewer lines. The spilling, dumping, or discharging on the ground of any waste, including but not limited to human or animal waste, is prohibited by law.

G....Generator operation is not permitted in the Resort at any time, day or night, without Staff authorization.


A ... All persons visiting the Resort for the day, including guests' visitors, both adults and children, WHETHER ARRIVING BY LAND OR WATER, must pay immediately upon entering the Resort.

B.... The day guest fee covers visiting, swimming, fishing, "just looking", etc. It does not include a guaranteed picnic table; the tables in the day use area are on a "first-come-first-served" basis.

C.... Day guest vehicle parking is limited to the day guest area and overflow parking area.




A ... It is unlawful to use weapons in the Resort such as bow & arrows, crossbows, BB guns, air rifles, sling shots, explosives or explosive devices of any kind.

B.... Fireworks of any kind are prohibited in this Resort BY FEDERAL REGULATIONS,
both possession and usage is unlawful.


A ... Each vehicle in the Resort must display a current vehicle pass, hanging from it's inside rear view mirror or visible on the dash, with the date side facing out. Untagged vehicles are subject to removal and impoundment at the owner's expense.

B.... Lodging unit/RV site is designed for 2 vehicle parking. Vehicles must be parked within the Lodging Unit/RV site boundary or in designated overflow areas. Vehicles are not to block access to other lodging units/RV sites or may be towed at owner's expense. Operation of a vehicle off authorized roadways/ parking areas is prohibited. Taking any vehicle through, around, or beyond a recognizable barrier is prohibited.

C.... Due to our designated quiet time, all traffic after 10 pm should be limited to necessary traffic only, whether into, out of, or around the Resort.

D.... All motorized vehicles must be operated by legally licensed drivers. No person shall operate any vehicle in a careless, negligent, or reckless manner so as to endanger any person, property, or environmental feature in the Resort. RECREATIONAL DRIVING OF MOTOR VEHICLES IN THE RESORT IS PROHIBITED; this includes, but is not limited to, mopeds, 4-wheelers, golf carts, and child-sized motorized vehicles.

E.... Mopeds and cycles may be used as transportation in/out of the Resort. Bicycles are welcome. Golf carts are limited to use by Staff and Security only, unless pre-authorized by the office.


A ... A refundable deposit is required for each key to the shower houses and a second lodging key.

B.... Lodging keys must be turned in at the Resort Office or deposited in the key drop box at the Main Entrance Guardhouse by 12 noon on the final day of your stay. If you are planning to leave before the Office opens at 8 AM, prior to departing the Resort, deposit keys in the key drop box at the Main Entrance Guardhouse (No refund is available for keys deposited in the key drop box).

C.... The customer is responsible to pay for the number of nights reserved with NO REFUND FOR LAST MINUTE CHANGE OF PLANS. Changes in reservations should be made at least 10 days prior to arrival and may incur a cancellation fee. Customers registering without reservations will be held to the number of days declared at check-in.


A ... To ensure your privacy and keep rates lower, telephones are not provided in the Resort lodging units. A "911" red emergency telephone is located at the Office/Store Entrance.

B.... IF YOU ARE EXPECTING A MESSAGE, PLEASE CHECK WITH THE RESORT OFFICE; emergency messages will be delivered to your lodging units, and posted on the door if necessary. After 5 pm, the Resort Office telephone service is closed.



B.... Resort security dogs (German Shepherds) are kept on the premises. They are used for prowler alert, security patrol, and unauthorized Resort entries after the quiet hour. Authorized small pets on premises are normally contained and owned by the residing Resort Staff families.

C.... Abundant wild animals such as squirrels, crows, lizards, ducks, and blue jays are frequently present in the Resort; other wild animals such as coyotes, bobcats, skunks, raccoons, possums, otters, hawks, owls, herons, snakes, stray dogs and cats are infrequent visitors, but any of these animals may be harmful; please be vigilant.


D...Service Animals for the disabled guests are not "pets"; a responsible person for the Service Animals must read and sign the Resort's Policy and Guest Agreement Regarding Service Animals.


A.... Quiet time in the Resort is from 10 pm to 6 am.

B.... All Day Guests must leave the Resort before 10 pm.

C.... All minors must be under adult supervision at all times. Direct supervision (within sight) of toddlers (children up to 6 years of age) is required. Older minor children may be indirectly supervised per the judgment of the responsible adult. The supervising adult is responsible for the actions of his/her minor children.



A.... Use of alcoholic beverages is permitted in the Resort; but, we ask that guests be discreet and not openly display the beverage (i.e. use koozies, glasses, mugs...). No kegs, draft, or other quantity service is permitted at anytime. Excessive use of alcohol and/or use of alcohol by minors will not be tolerated.

B.... WE HAVE ZERO DRUG TOLERANCE. Anyone who brings illegal drugs into the Resort will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Small campfires are permitted in the Resort fire rings only. Fire rings must be used where provided, and not moved to another location. All fires must be DEAD OUT before leaving them unattended. Fires are not permitted on the Beach.


A.... No pets, bicycles, skates, scooters, etc. are permitted on the fishing dock. Footwear is recommended on all docks.

B.... Registered guests may fish from the banks or the fishing dock without charge; others must pay the Day Guest Fee. Fish cleaning is only permitted at the Fish Cleaning Station.

C....Guest fishing is not permitted from the boat docks.


A.... Our concession area extends approximately 300 feet beyond our shoreline.


C.... Pets are not permitted in the Resort nor on the beaches.

D.... Day Guest fees and vehicle passes are required of all persons, who are not registered in the Resort, whether arriving by land or water.

E.... For safety's sake, no glass, tents or shelters, campfires, nets, long anchor ropes, tying off to the rails etc. Individual, single pole umbrellas are permitted and free standing (no stakes) canopies for multiple persons are permitted.

F.... Lake swimming is at your own risk and controlled by the Army Corp of Engineers; please be discreet and never swim alone.


A.... Our concession area extends approximately 300 feet beyond our shoreline.

B.... NO BOATS MAY BE LAUNCHED OR LOADED FROM ANY AREA OF THIS RESORT. We have no boat launch, but 3 ramps with 4 lanes each are available next door at Twin Dikes Park and the public ramp near Umphrey's Family Pavilion.

C.... Idle speed only around the dock and beach areas; observe the "NO WAKE" buoys at all times. During the Summer season, boats are not permitted inside the "Boat Exclusion Area" buoys at the main beach.  Regulatory buoys are lake traffic signs, as highway traffic signs, you will be fined for not obeying them.

D.... Boaters must use reasonable care and watch for children at play. Boats may be pulled up to the shore; but no long anchor ropes, etc. which might become a hazard are permitted. Boats should not tie off to the wall or railings.

E.... The boat docks at the marina are private property; Resort guest should not enter them at any time, unless traversing to and from their rented boat slip.

F.... Temporary boat slip renters must display tags on their boats when in the slips.


A.... Garbage, trash, rubbish, litter, or any other waste material must either be removed from the Resort or placed in containers provided for that purpose. Cans, bottles, and other non-burnable items must not be thrown into campfires. Cigarette butts, on the ground, are not only unsightly but imposes a threat to nesting (eggs) birds; please discard properly. Used cooking grease, fuels, and solvents of any kind are not to be discarded on the ground or in the lake; please take them with you and/or contact Resort management for proper disposal.

B.... No nails, screws, spikes, etc. may be driven into trees or Resort structures. No trees, branches, or flowers may be cut by guest; gathering dead wood from the ground for use as firewood within the Resort is permitted. Destruction, defacement, or any alteration of Resort property is prohibited; anchored tables, barrels, etc. may not be moved from their anchored location.

C.... No holes may be dug in the ground; ie: fire pits or searching from metal detection.

D.... No gambling or use of metal detectors is permitted by Federal Regulations on these premises.

E.... Advertising by use of signs, markers, handbills, circulars, posters, or any other means is prohibited without prior approval by the Resort Office.

F.... Driving stakes into the ground is prohibited due to underground electric lines, water lines, sewer lines, and gas lines.


A.... We strive to provide a peaceful, safe, secure atmosphere for the single family unit of parents and their minor children; with us, THE FAMILY IS NUMBER ONE.

B.... If you experience a problem with our facilities or the conduct of other guests, please report it IMMEDIATELY so that Resort Staff may correct the situation. Your observation of our Resort rules will make everyone's stay more pleasant and enjoyable.

C.... Many of our guests are repeat customers who return because of our Family Atmosphere. Our rules and security personnel provide a safer, more secure retreat for the families enjoyment. IF YOU DO NOT DESIRE A FAMILY ATMOSPHERE WITH ENFORCED RULES AND REGULATIONS, WE SUGGEST, RESPECTFULLY, THAT YOU MIGHT BE HAPPIER AT ANOTHER FACILITY.


A.... An effort has been made to anticipate and cover most situations; however, interpretation of the rules and/or decisions not covered by the above previous information will be made only by the management of Sam Rayburn Marina Resort.

B.... The Resort cannot be responsible for accident or injury of any of our guests, nor for the loss of valuables, money, or property of any kind.

C.... Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.



Sam Rayburn Marina Resort

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